We Are Love

We Are Love is a celebration of the Creator and the life-giving power of women.

Women are higher in the natural order of life. Women are creators, Life-Givers, Life-Bearers, Life-Nurturers, Self-Healers, Self-Purifiers and Life-Protectors. They go through a natural hardship based on a cycle, making them more vulnerable, which draws them closer to the Creator which then makes them stronger, more spiritual, and more intuitive. They are symbols of the Creator’s Love. Through this innate cycle, they go through a process of purification, making them more sacred. The Messengers of God in the East are men but the symbols of the Great Spirit in the true West were women such as in the Lakota Tribe. Their deity is a woman named White Buffalo Calf who is responsible for all of the First Nation’s Teachings such as the Medicine Wheel, Four Colours, and Smudging. We Are Love was born from The White Buffalo to celebrate all forms of universal Love.


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