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Twelve miles up the mountain side
Longest drive of my life
Couldn’t wait to get outside
And breathe in the air

I’d see you smiling as you waved
You’d holler out hey Baby Cakes
Man I used to hate that name
But now I don’t

You were my hero
I was your shadow
I’d follow you all round this house
Up to our hideout
Out on the roof
But with you gone it’s just
Pine needles and rust

Still smells like cedar in the hall
There’s your chair and my rag doll
And that puzzle that we couldn’t solve
Cause we lost a piece

I try to light the fireplace
But it don’t wanna burn same
That old piano just won’t play
The way it did for you


Wo-Oh Lately I’ve been missing you (like crazy)
So OH woah I’m staying here till the pain in my heart
stops breaking breaking me
Yah its breakin me….