1. Crash and Burn

From the recording Warriors of Love

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(Listen up boy…)
Stole my daddy’s pistol while he was sleepin
Grabbed that box a bullets, cuz I know here he keeps em
I know what you’ve been doing boy behind my back
You think you got the upperhand but you ain’t got jack

You're a trash talking tramp, cheater and a liar
Messin with me is throwin whiskey on the fire
One shot away from a lesson you better learn
Your gonna Crash and burn…

Screamin down the dirt road, I’ll be in your rearview
No matter where you turn boy I’ll be right behind you
Run you in the ditch and I’lll laugh as I drive by
Pay backs a bitch and honey so am I.


So what you think I was gonna do?
Just back down from a man like you
My sweet mama raised me by the rules
But I’m telling you mama didn't raise no fool.


oh yah
you better watch your back boy
your gonna crash and burn
crash and burn