From the recording Warriors of Love

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You wore me out like the sole of your shoes
Like yesterdays news, oh oh I know you heard me cryin
You held my heart here in this place like a bird in a cage
Slowly dyin, baby I’m flyin….

40,000 Ft. Over You, guess some dreams don't come true
that wont keep me on the ground
On a prayer and on a wing yah I can see the sun shine again
Baby you cant hold me down, yes its true…
Im 40,000 Ft. Over You

Gotta one ticket in my hand and baby when I land
Oh Oh you’ll be the last thing on my mind
I’m not the girl I used to be, who once believed every single
selfish lie, baby not this time…


I didn't even pack one bag, leavin everything I had in the past…..