From the recording Warriors of Love

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He walks through the house with a loaded gun
Laughs don't worry baby wouldn't hurt no one
She’s terrified that he might snap
How do you live with a man like that?

She runs to her sister, forgets her pride
Some lovin arms and a place to hide
Pours out her heart till her sister asks
How do you live with a man like that?

I do what he wants and say what he wants to hear (still I’m scared to death)
Some days I fear ill breathe my last breath/I say a little prayer when he’s no there God to set me free/Dear Lord please watch over me…

It was 3 am when the cops broke in
she was black and blue, he was drunk on gin
He fought em off till they knocked him flat
Said you just can’t change a man like that!


She’s on the edge of crazy/afraid that she might die
But a voice inside says give life one more try

She packs her bags and hides his gun
The rest of her life has just begun
She never tell him where shes at
Gotta get away from a man like that
Yah you run like hell from a man like that
A Man Like That.