Nammy Winners Announced: For the 18th Annual Native American Music Awards

The 18th Annual Awards Gala was held Friday, October 12th at the Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino

Kelly Derrickson wins Best Female Artist at the 18th Annual Native American Music Awards

Annie Humphrey, Ojibwe, a musical artist that hails from the Leech Lake reservation, took home artist of the year in the wake of her well-received album, The Beast and The Garden. Humphrey was one of several celebrated artists at the Nammy Awards. Other Native musical artists awarded included Kelly Derrickson for best female artist, Randy Wood for best male artist, Twin Flames for group of the year and Michael Bucher and Paco Fralick’s ‘Women and Water’ was awarded song of the year.

The Eighteenth Annual Native American Music Awards Show took place this Friday, October 12, 2018 as part of the United Southern & Eastern Tribes conference at the Seneca Niagara Casino in Niagara Falls in New York.

According to NAMA president Ellen Bello, there were over 200 music recording submissions for the Eighteenth Annual Native American Music Awards. Bello says it was a special night celebrating Native music.

“It was a beautiful night…from Saginaw Grant & the drum group for Don’t Let the Drums Go Silent to Connor Chee with is a 95-year-old grandfather, to the fun of YMCA and Zippin up my Boots with Felipe Rose and Tracy Lee Nelson’s dedication to MMIW. It was all very special including winner Paco Fralick talking about Michael Bucher and the Pine Ridge Flute Society and Annie Humphrey honoring those who served in the military (like herself) — those were among the most poignant wins of the evening,” said Bello.

Debut Artist of the Year, Calvin Standing Bear, sent an email to Indian Country Today regarding his album Fly Eagle Fly.

Standing Bear said a song came to in a dream in the Lakota language to honor the Eagle Nation. “The words have been translated into English. The song speaks for itself as you will feel yourself soaring with the eagle. The eagle flies the highest to carry our prayers to the Creator.”

Standing Bear said he wants to thank his mother, Neva Standing Bear, Light in the Lodge, who helped him translate this song from a dream into reality. Neva has since gone to the spirit world.

Dreamwalker Suite
People of the Star Orchestra

Kelly Derrickson
I Am