Running Back to You

He whispers in the dark, speaks to me with all his heart
I Seek Shelter by his soul, but he doesn’t,
No he doesn’t know. No he doesn’t know

Then he Smiles with those eyes,
his body melts into mine
I take Refuge in that smile,
but its just for a little while.
For a little while.

No one knows just what he means to me
It’s a Love that I can’t deny. But Lord, Lord knows I try

Running Right Back to You, Running Right Back to You
I was lost but now I’m free,
and I’m Running Right Back to You.

Love is Clear and an Angel Hears
Hear I Stand, Scars in Hands
It feels so right, You turn me on
I had some fears but now they’re gone
Now they’re gone…


Running away from tears and pain
Running Away from all my shame
Running away from all my sorrow
Betting on a new tomorrow
Screamin out from the highest treetop
Barin’ my soul, take off this make up..
Running, Running Running Wild


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