Warriors of Love

Hear the prayer of all God’s creatures
Feel the earth’s heart beat
Barefoot in the forest green, or in the desert heat
Love is what it’s all about
Great Spirit hold our hands
Teach us now ‘fore it’s too late
To give back to the land

We are Warriors of love
Smile into the sun and make love to the moon
The magic of the ocean will inspire you
The gift of grace is given – we’d better find it soon
We are Warriors, Warriors of love

Turn your faith and kindness into living acts of love
Warm the coldest, darkest heart like sunshine from above
We’re not here forever, the earth’s not yours or mine
we are learning we are learning, pray we still have time


Wake up, Fight for it
The time is now for miracles
Wake up Fight for it
The journey’s just begun…


la la la la Love
We are Warriors of love..
(Hey Hey Warriors of Love)

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