LOL (Laughing Out Loud)

She’s a country girl, first year of college done
Headed back for a summer of fun
Thinkin’ ‘bout her first year on her own
When she gotta text message, on her phone

It said, “Girl its your Momma, please let me know
I’m sittin’ here in traffic and it’s stop and go
On your way home, pull off and let me know
Dont be texting like your momma cuz your Momma’s a pro
Don’t drive, text and spell….you’re my bff…lol”

As her momma sat in traffic, sippin’ coffee for the ride
It was just a second later that her daughter replied

“Dont need to pull over, stop worrying please
I‘m getting pretty good at driving with my knees
Hey momma its funny you’d ask
You’re the one who taught me how multitask
Be there soon, got so much to tell …..your my bff…lol”

When the song came on the radio, she sang along so free
Thinkin’ bout that boy, that she coudn’t wait to see
and smiles as she remembers their first sweet summer kiss
Packin’ up for college and all his promises.

She reached to dial his number, and crossed the yellow line
She never saw it comin, she couldn’t stop in time.

Now the only thing that‘s real is a life they couldn’t save
And the memories of her face, and the flowers on her grave
And all the things she did that made her Momma proud.
She’d give anything to hear her laughing out loud
Laughing out loud, Laughing out loud.

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