Ain't My Day to Care

The sun came up this morning,
I opened my window just to hear the birds sing
It feels so good to be alive,
It’s been so long since I felt this good inside
I ain’t gonna rush, /’m gonna take my time
/’m gonna drink my coffee in the warm sunshine
A little vacation in my own backyard.

Today ain’t my day to care
Have me a pitcher of margaritas before noon
(if I want to)
I ain’t gonna worry and I don’t have to be anywhere,
It ain’t my day to care

Think I’ll kick around in my robe
Ain’t gonna put a lick of makeup on my face
Yeah, I might just pull out my old guitar
just to see if I still got what it takes
That honeysuckle summer breeze
I’m gonna take it all in
Its all so sweet
Tomorrow’s gonna be here soon enough


Gonna tend my soul, pamper myself,
let it all go, get it all out
It’s about time I spend a little time on me


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