Warriors of Love

Hear the prayer of all God’s creatures
Feel the earth’s heart beat
Barefoot in the forest green, or in the desert heat
Love is what it’s all about
Great Spirit hold our hands
Teach us now ‘fore it’s too late
To give back to the land

We are Warriors of love
Smile into the sun and make love to the moon
The magic of the ocean will inspire you
The gift of grace is given – we’d better find it soon
We are Warriors, Warriors of love

Turn your faith and kindness into living acts of love
Warm the coldest, darkest heart like sunshine from above
We’re not here forever, the earth’s not yours or mine
we are learning we are learning, pray we still have time


Wake up, Fight for it
The time is now for miracles
Wake up Fight for it
The journey’s just begun…


la la la la Love
We are Warriors of love..
(Hey Hey Warriors of Love)

A Man Like That

He walks through the house with a loaded gun
Laughs don’t worry baby, wouldn’t hurt no one
She’s terrified that he might snap
How do you live with a man like that?

She runs to her sister, forgets her pride
Some lovin’ arms and a place to hide
Pours out her heart ‘til her sister asks
How do you live with a man like that?

I do what he wants and say what he wants to hear
(still I’m scared to death)
Some days I fear I’ll breathe my last breath
I say a little prayer when he’s not there
For God to set me free
Dear Lord please watch over me…

It was 3AM when the cops broke in
She was black and blue, he was drunk on gin
He fought ‘em off till they knocked him flat
Said you just can’t change a man like that!


She’s on the edge of crazy, afraid that she might die
But a voice inside says give life one more try

She packs her bags and hides his gun
The rest of her life has just begun
She’ll never tell him where she’s at
Gotta get away from a man like that
Yeah, you run like hell from a man like that
A Man Like That.

Running Back to You

He whispers in the dark, speaks to me with all his heart
I Seek Shelter by his soul, but he doesn’t,
No he doesn’t know. No he doesn’t know

Then he Smiles with those eyes,
his body melts into mine
I take Refuge in that smile,
but its just for a little while.
For a little while.

No one knows just what he means to me
It’s a Love that I can’t deny. But Lord, Lord knows I try

Running Right Back to You, Running Right Back to You
I was lost but now I’m free,
and I’m Running Right Back to You.

Love is Clear and an Angel Hears
Hear I Stand, Scars in Hands
It feels so right, You turn me on
I had some fears but now they’re gone
Now they’re gone…


Running away from tears and pain
Running Away from all my shame
Running away from all my sorrow
Betting on a new tomorrow
Screamin out from the highest treetop
Barin’ my soul, take off this make up..
Running, Running Running Wild


40,000 ft. Over You

You wore me out like the sole of your shoes
Like yesterdays news,
I know you heard me cryin
You held my heart here in this place
Like a bird in a cage
Slowly dyin, baby I’m flyin…

40,000 ft. over you,
Guess some dreams don’t come true
That wont keep me on the ground
On a prayer and on a wing
Yeah I can see the sun shine again
Baby you can’t hold me down
Yes, it’s true – I’m 40,000 ft. over you

Gotta ticket in my hand
and baby when I land
Oh, you’ll be the last thing on my mind
I’m not the girl I used to be,
Who once believed every single selfish lie,
Baby not this time…


I didn’t even pack one bag,
Leavin’ everything I had in the past.


LOL (Laughing Out Loud)

She’s a country girl, first year of college done
Headed back for a summer of fun
Thinkin’ ‘bout her first year on her own
When she gotta text message, on her phone

It said, “Girl its your Momma, please let me know
I’m sittin’ here in traffic and it’s stop and go
On your way home, pull off and let me know
Dont be texting like your momma cuz your Momma’s a pro
Don’t drive, text and spell….you’re my bff…lol”

As her momma sat in traffic, sippin’ coffee for the ride
It was just a second later that her daughter replied

“Dont need to pull over, stop worrying please
I‘m getting pretty good at driving with my knees
Hey momma its funny you’d ask
You’re the one who taught me how multitask
Be there soon, got so much to tell …..your my bff…lol”

When the song came on the radio, she sang along so free
Thinkin’ bout that boy, that she coudn’t wait to see
and smiles as she remembers their first sweet summer kiss
Packin’ up for college and all his promises.

She reached to dial his number, and crossed the yellow line
She never saw it comin, she couldn’t stop in time.

Now the only thing that‘s real is a life they couldn’t save
And the memories of her face, and the flowers on her grave
And all the things she did that made her Momma proud.
She’d give anything to hear her laughing out loud
Laughing out loud, Laughing out loud.

Crash and Burn

(Listen up boy…)
Stole my daddy’s pistol while he was sleepin’
Grabbed that box a bullets,
‘cause I know where he keeps ‘em
I know what you’ve been doing boy behind my back
You think you got the upperhand, but you ain’t got jack

You’re a trash talking tramp, cheater and a liar
Messin’ with me is throwin whiskey on the fire
One shot away from a lesson you better learn
You‘re gonna crash and burn…

Screamin’ down the dirt road, I’ll be in your rearview
No matter where you turn boy I’ll be right behind you
Run you in the ditch and I’lll laugh as I drive by
Pay backs a bitch and honey so am I.


So what you think I was gonna do?
Just back down from a man like you
My sweet mama raised me by the rules
But I’m telling you mama didn’t raise no fool.


Oh Yeah…
You better watch your back boy
your gonna crash and burn
crash and burn

Ain't My Day to Care

The sun came up this morning,
I opened my window just to hear the birds sing
It feels so good to be alive,
It’s been so long since I felt this good inside
I ain’t gonna rush, /’m gonna take my time
/’m gonna drink my coffee in the warm sunshine
A little vacation in my own backyard.

Today ain’t my day to care
Have me a pitcher of margaritas before noon
(if I want to)
I ain’t gonna worry and I don’t have to be anywhere,
It ain’t my day to care

Think I’ll kick around in my robe
Ain’t gonna put a lick of makeup on my face
Yeah, I might just pull out my old guitar
just to see if I still got what it takes
That honeysuckle summer breeze
I’m gonna take it all in
Its all so sweet
Tomorrow’s gonna be here soon enough


Gonna tend my soul, pamper myself,
let it all go, get it all out
It’s about time I spend a little time on me


Idle No More

Can you look in the mirror
while our people live in squalor?
Raping Mother Earth
while we fight to protect her
in the name of our Father
These things we cant ignore
can’t turn a blind eye
Its time we dry the tears,
all our children cry

If we expect to survive
we must stand heart in hand
With eyes open wide
to save our home and native land
The miracle of God
has gone from light to dark
How long must we live
with a hole in our hearts?

We wait and wait and wait
And watch this silent war
Now we must stand Idle No More

Waters turn from blue to brown
Desecrate our Scared ground
Skies have gone form blue to grey
Help us now oh God we pray…

Now we must stand Idle No More
Now we must stand Idle No more

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