About Kelly

“Always rise above. Always be of Love.“

Like most talented artists, Kelly Derrickson has always been passionate about music.

Growing up in Canada, she first got interested in music during her childhood, which led her to the very prestigious Victoria Conservatory of Music in British Columbia. Continuing with her passion, she attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA where she matriculated with a Bachelors Degree in Professional Music and Music Business. But despite her lifelong musical training and deep love for every genre, country music has always held a soft-spot in her heart.

Before her Grandpa passed away, he gifted Kelly her first acoustic guitar. He consistently requested her to perform “Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Ole Days)” by The Judds. Not only was it a popular performance request, but it also solidified her deep love for real-life stories found prominently in country music. While her Grandpa’s early influence in her musical tastes laid the foundation for her love for country music, the rich heritage found in her Native American family tree solidified it. Tracing her lineage back to the famous Indian leader Chief Joseph (Nez Perce), it’s no wonder how Kelly can embody everything you’d expect to find in a country artist — she’s strong, intuitive, spiritual, and impassioned.

Through her father’s eyes, heart, and life’s work, Kelly is no stranger to life’s struggles. After 6 terms and 12 years as Chief, Kelly listened to and witnessed first hand her father’s rise from being a dirt poor kid born on the reservation, to a leader who always fought hard for his people’s rights. It’s some impassioned fight that is in their blood and in her music.

With the release of “Warriors Of Love” (recently recorded at Chip Martin Productions in Nashville, TN), Kelly unleashes her strong vocal prowess and song writing skills on an album that leaves the listener craving and chanting for more!

“Idle No More” was specifically written as an international anthem for the Idle No More movement, which finds its roots in Kelly’s home country of Canada. Even more dear to her, it’s a cause her father Grand Chief Ron Derrickson initially pioneered. Kelly encourages fans to go online and observe first hand the injustices being brought about by governments worldwide against Native people and their land rights.

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